Annual MOT

What is an MOT?


MOT testing is mandatory by law on all automobiles in the United Kingdom that are 3 years older or more. This is an annual checkup which follows a strict precedent established by the DVSA that regulates cars being used in UK roads. The MOT test is designed to comprise of safety checks including lights, seatbelts, tyres and vehicle emissions and can only be performed by an MOT approved garage by the DVSA.


For more information on what we test here Greenford Service Station, see our MOT checklist.


Vehicle Identification Number

  • MOT test assesses the VIN, otherwise referred to as the vehicle registration number. The VIN is a distinctive code which includes a serial number stamped on the vehicle. The location of the VIN varies from one manufacturer to the other.


Registration plate

  • The MOT examiner will verify the condition, security, presentation of letters and numbers on your registration plate and legibility. The arrangement and numbering must meet present regulations and shouldn’t have been modified in any way.



  • The MOT assesses the effectiveness of the vehicles braking execution and functionality, state and operation. Most of the vehicles tested are on a roller brake tester.


Wheels and Tyres

  • The selected MOT assessor will examine the vehicle’s tyres and wheels. There are a number of key points: security, tyre size, the condition and tread depth.



  • The mirrors are tested and checked during an MOT test for condition and security.



  • The condition, operation, security and colour of the vehicle lights are checked during an MOT test. The aim of the headlamp is also examined.



  • The selected test center will check to see if the doors open and close suitably. Front doors should open from both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Rear doors may have to be unlocked to obtain access to testable elements like rear seatbelts.



  • The vehicle’s construction and body casing are tested during the MOT test for signs of excessive corrosion and or damage in particular areas of the vehicle. Sharp edges found can ensure an MOT failure.



  • The section is an inspection on the emissions, guaranteeing the vehicle is within the stipulated guidelines. The exhausts are also examined to determine their security, avoidance of leaks and if it silences effectively.


Fuel System

  • The fuel system is checked, to certify the fuel cap fastens and seals correctly and securely. It is also checked for leaks in the fuel system.



  • The front seats of the vehicle are checked for security during the MOT test.



  • During the MOT test, all seatbelts in the vehicle including the rare are assessed for the current condition, precise operation and security as well as ensuring all mandatory seatbelts are in place.



  • The horn’s functionality and effectiveness will be assessed during an MOT test.


Steering and suspension

  • The tester will inspect the steering and suspension mechanisms for its correct condition and operation.


Wipers and washer bottle

  • During the MOT the tester will check the vehicle’s wipers and washers certifying its operation during rain and ensuring the driver has a clear view of the road.



  • The windscreen is examined for any chips and cracks by the MOT tester. The maximum size of damage permitted is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision or 40mm in the remaining area swept by the wiper blades.

Greenford Service Station offers M.O.T and Servicing to all makes and types of Class 1,2,4,5, and 7 vehicles, Petrol or Diesel. In addition, we also offer Four Wheel Alignment, Tyres, Exhausts, Batteries, Brakes and Air Conditioning.

Greenford Service Station is a friendly and customer focused garage offering you the highest quality service. We have fully qualified mechanical engineers and the very latest M.O.T testing technology and equipment.

When being serviced, our engineers will ensure that it is looked after to the highest possible standard. Your vehicle will be protected using quality seat covers and floor mats.


For more information regarding MOTs and checks conducted as part of the MOT test, please visit the GOV.UK website.


When is my MOT test due?


To find out if your vehicle has a valid MOT or when your next MOT is due, visit the GOV.UK website and input your vehicle reg. number.